Drone Imaging

Remote aerial sensing technology gives inspection personnel more thorough, frequent, safer, and efficient inspections.

The combination of a visual and thermographed inspection using drones can discover a series of problems that unless resolved will become hazardous and/or financially demanding. Small leaks into the roof can be seen on the thermogram so the roof can be repaired at a fraction of the required cost, e.g. in the case of the destruction of load-bearing layers and the roof fall. Moreover, the whole system is universal and can be used in other industrial applications when checking leaks from a construction or when inspecting the quality of piping and identifying defects.

We found that in most cases, the heat insulation was incorrectly fitted, and such were the thermal bridges that its efficiency was reduced by one third. The most frequent reason for these problems is that the heat insulation is not self-contained and between the thermal insulating layers or boards are a series of large gaps.